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Our ideal teammates are global-minded builders who can think and move quickly. We’re hiring for engineering, product, operations and compliance roles in 2024. Follow us on LinkedIn to view our latest openings.

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How we work

While we’re headquartered in New York, our company is remote-first. As long as you have reliable wifi strong enough for video calls and Slack huddles, where and when you choose to work is up to you. We’re more about output than putting in facetime. Other than meetings, you’ll choose how to manage your time most effectively.

As a global employer,

We’ve partnered with an Employer of Record to assist in legal and compliance matters including payroll, taxes and statutory benefits in your country of residence. In other words, you don’t need to be a U.S. citizen or hold a work visa to join us.

“There’s a real sense of trust and ownership across the company. Everyone is committed to the best possible product.”

- Kat Wong, marketing

"I work remotely from London, but I'm still able to be heard and make an impact on my team despite the time zone differences."

- Lalo Gonzalez, product design

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